The villa


Villa Cabrini is a Venetian VIlla. Venetian Villas were built in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in the mainland territories of the Republic of Venice either from scratch, designed by famous architects foremost among them Andrea Palladio – 1508- 1580 -, or, as in the case of Villa Cabrini, by alterations and additions to older existing buildings. It stands with 5 hectares of private property, grassland bordered by trees, hosting hares and such and visited by herons, owls and other winged guests. The main part of the Venetian VIlla was used by the owners, usually noblemen or rich merchants from Venice as a summer residence, no heating no kitchen, while the side wings were used as servant quarters, with kitchen, farmers dwellings, stables, granaries, and cellars. Not far from the Villa a bus service provides an easy connection to Venice with a 20 minutes ride; highways and local roads put within easy reach sea resorts and historical cities: Padua, Vicenza and Verona to the East and Treviso, Conegliano, Belluno, Asiago to the north.


Two massive pillars, free standing and topped by two noteworthy statuest in Istria stone, signal and frame from afar the imposing presence of thislarge bulding which, thanks to these and other statues flanking the entrance to the garden is known as Villa Cabrini “alle statue”.
From Pubblicazioni – Le Ville Venete – G. Mazzotti 1953

In the graden, near the wall, the staid shape of the Chapel, the result of joyning of the front part, which made up the original building, and a later addition, octagonnal in plan, clearly of XVII century inspiration.
From Pubblicazioni – Le Ville Venete – G. Mazzotti 1953